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In the world of heavy-duty transportation, trucks are the backbone of many industries, providing essential services for shipping, construction, and logistics. However, like all machines, trucks have a finite lifespan, and there comes a time when they need to be retired or upgraded. This is where Expert Trucks steps in, offering a comprehensive range of services, with a primary focus on truck dismantling, to help truck owners efficiently manage their fleets.

Truck dismantling is an integral part of our business. When a truck reaches the end of its useful life, it often becomes a financial burden to the owner. Maintenance costs increase, and the truck’s performance declines. At this point, Expert Trucks steps in to offer a solution through our dismantling service.


We begin by thoroughly assessing the condition of your truck. Our team of experienced technicians and appraisers will evaluate the truck’s engine, transmission, chassis, and other components.

Eco-friendly Dismantling

Expert Trucks is committed to environmental responsibility. We dismantle trucks in an eco-friendly manner, recycling and disposing of materials responsibly to minimize our carbon footprint.

Parts Salvage

We salvage any reusable parts and components from your truck, ensuring they find a second life in other vehicles, thereby reducing waste and contributing to the circular economy.

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